Friday, 9 October 2015  
The DIY industry in Germany
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The Japanese DIY market 1990-2014 
Amazon, Everyone’s biggest competitor 


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Main contents of DIY International 3/2015
By no means dead and buried
Jumbo is pushing forward with its retail space optimisation program
Home Depot is massively transforming the way it operates

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What is DIYglobal Plus?

DIYglobal is a new editorial Internet service at the publishing house of Dähne. Here you will find a wealth of information on the distributive trade and manufacturers - free of charge. On the start page you will find the latest headlines, regularly updated by the DIYglobal editorial staff: the German version on a daily basis, and the English version every Thursday.

What is more, you can also retrieve background reports, revealing statistics and topical market data. Available on subscription for this purpose is the special DIYglobal Plus service. It complements and extends the range of information available in our magazine DIY International, but is looked after by an independent editorial team. The following sections - marked by a red "+" on the navigation bar - are accessible exclusively to subscribers.
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  Trade topics  
  This is where the editorial staff reports on developments and trends or introduces market surveys, for example. Also included are continuations of reports from the magazine DIY International, with additional information such as detailed figures, supplementary tables or diagrams.  
  Regional reports  
  Individual countries or regions are examined in detail with reference to any current data that is of significance to the DIY industry. Each report analyses the market, points to specific customer profiles, segments or marketing formats, and introduces the DIY retailers operating in the country concerned.
  Market data  
  DIY superstore statistics, market surveys of particular product categories, key macroeconomic figures with relevance to retailers - this section contains comprehensive statistics edited and arranged by country.  
  Company profiles  
  This offers guidance through the DIY commercial landscape in the different countries, and provides information on companies' basic data, from their address to annual sales figures.  
  All the volumes of DIY International since 1995, plus the articles from DIYglobal and DIYglobal Plus can be accessed here online.  
  You can view the current, updated table of contents at any time even as a non-subscriber, by clicking on one of the DIYglobal Plus sections in the left navigation bar or on "all topics" in the DIYglobal Plus box in the right column.  
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